According to some of the Slavic myths, the world was created by the god Svarog, with the help of another god named Rod, and a grey duck that helped in retrieving Mother Earth from the ocean’s abyss. Rod was also the father of several gods, and, according to some stories, the creator of the world. He was responsible for the fate of the people, at birth he decided what to happen to them in life. ROD Calming Stone’s almost invisible legs give a floating effect to the strict block.

As if we were just sitting on the giant steps of an invisible church. It consists of three basic elements, and by rotating the elements you can create a unique spatial design.

Made of 100 percent natural freshwater Pannon Travertine.

Outstanding value in use: one of the greatest advantages of street furniture made from Pannon Travertine is that compared to other natural or artificial materials (which can get up to 15-20 degrees Celsius hotter than air), it does not heat up even in scorching sunshine, does not form a heat island, and provides a pleasant temperature sensation.

Its uniqueness lies in the natural varieties of limestone: the colour and pattern variability of the mined stone is very diverse, thus it cannot be used to make two street furniture of exactly the same texture or colour. Such is the background to its individuality.

Pannon Travertine, due to its special structure, is extremely resistant to salt, frost and abrasion.



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Physical properties

2400-2600 kg/m3
EN 1936
Water absorption
≤ 3 % relative to mass
EN 13755
Compressive strength
≥ 80 N/mm2
EN 1926
Bending strength
≥ 9 N/mm2
EN 12372
Salt resistance
EN 12370
Frost resistance
EN 12371

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