Who we are

If a stone gets in our way, it happens for a reason. Whether is rolls along, or one stumbles upon it, or it simply offers a repose. Each encounter with a piece of stone is an encounter with yesteryear, opportunities and mother nature.

When Barbara Szőllőssy designer/artist and Attila Balogh Attila, economist, deputy-CEO of Reneszánsz Stone Masonry Ltd. met in 2019, their encounter was providential.

Barbara’s creative mind was captivated by eco-design public furniture and its aesthetic and product philosophy aspects. Attila was exploring sustainable, zero-waste technologies and climate-friendly innovation.

When they came to know each other, it went without saying that with this soft-coloured, unique material and the gigantic machinery of the company able to process huge slabs, coupled with the stonemasons’ workmanship, they can collectively implement Barbara’s grand designs. After a more than one-year-long collaboration, the first collections were born; they are uniquely shaped, still resistant, eco-friendly, statuesque public furniture. You can see and use them for relaxation, friendly chats and meetings in several locations, from waterfront promenades, the woods, hiking trails, to office buildings.

Explore this unique world that evokes soothing perspectives. Calming Stones are awaiting you.

Why choose this solution?

Climate friendly
Low maintenance cost
Hand made