Demeter in ancient Greek mythology was the sister of Zeus, and the goddess of fertility. Typically, she was depicted as a mature woman bearing sheaves of wheat. DEMETER Calming Stone is a classic shaped street furniture in which limestone as a block is dominant with its rounded corners, making it inviting to the eye.

It commands authority whether in natural or shaped forms, one cannot fail to notice it, yet it can remain a restrained visual spatial element. Due to its design, it almost floats above the ground. This magical monolith looks just as plain surface or sandblasted as decorative, textured finish in a style reminiscent of an unusual upholstery fabric.

Made of 100 percent natural freshwater Pannon Travertine.

Outstanding value in use: one of the greatest advantages of street furniture made from Pannon Travertine is that compared to other natural or artificial materials (which can get up to 15-20 degrees Celsius hotter than air), it does not heat up even in scorching sunshine, does not form a heat island, and provides a pleasant temperature sensation.

Its uniqueness lies in the natural varieties of limestone: the colour and pattern variability of the mined stone is very diverse, thus it cannot be used to make two street furniture of exactly the same texture or colour. Such is the background to its individuality.

Pannon Travertine, due to its special structure, is extremely resistant to salt, frost and abrasion.



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Physical properties

2400-2600 kg/m3
Water absorption
≤ 3 mass%
Compressive strength
≥ 80 N/mm2
Flexural strength
≥ 9 N/mm2
Salt resistance
highly resistant
Frost resistance
highly resistant

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